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One of the things I liked about The Cat was that he had very strong opinions on almost everything: British/US
spelling such as color (I have always thought that Americans cared about ‘U’ after all they are always wishing one, ‘You have a nice day,’), hygiene (”Is there anything more hygienic than a Cat?“), taking notes (”it is a little like talking to one’s self and therefore should be kept to a minimum because it must be a sign of madness“), and many many more. Nevertheless he does admit he cannot know it all, usually justifying it by saying something like “what do I know, I’m just a cat” :)

The book contains some pretty funny scenes, one of my favorites being the part where Cat’s “Captors” try to acquaint him with the litter box. When I got my cat one of the first things I did was to look up on Google how does one get a cat to use the litter box. The answer was something along the lines of “show him the litter box, then take its front paws and dig around a bit”. Which is what I did (and luckily my cat got the idea from the first) and also what Cat’s owners (slash “Captors”) did. It was thus interesting to see the situation I’ve been in through Cat’s eyes — he considered it to be forced labor! :) :)

It is perhaps worth mentioned that reading this book has been a novel experience for me, because I was, for the very first time, rooting for the main hero not to succeed I didn’t want the story to end.

Lisa Noel
Decatur, Illinois, US
I really thought your book unique, quirky and lovable. Definitely a different point of view, but it works. Can you convey to me what your goal was when you wrote this? What message are you trying to get through to your readers? I will be starting on promoting Monday and will either call or e-mail you to see about your schedule in the next 2 months. You really have a lot of talent, just need to get a feel what you want to get going and I will always seek your approval on articles I write. With respect

Natalie Zieske
Houston, Texas, US

I've been reading your book and am enjoying it. The first day I started reading it, Marco joined me and laid at my head on the back of the couch. So he's enjoying it too! I'll write when I've finished reading it. Have a wonderful day!


C J Thomas
Clearfield, Utah
Hi Mr. Purrrrfect
Hi John, I finally received your book today, Loved your Attorneys remarks. Looking forward to reading it when I get back from Texas. Simple things can really turn out to be extrodinary. I was a little disappointed when I noticed not one picture in your book. I loved the ones on your space. I know some days I feel like I'm in captivity. Thanks for sharing how this book come to be. Good luck

New Mexico, US
Your Book!
I bought your book today! However, I probably won't be able to read it for awhile! The minuet I brought it home it was snatched out of my hands by my daughter and she proclaimed as she was walking out the door you'll get it back after we have read it! WE???!!!

Debbie Cakes
Cleveland, New York, US
Tammy Bowen
Forest City, North Carolina US
I found your book online, it was to be autographed from you and be mailed through the p o box. my fiance..bought it on line. all i got was a book mailed to me via internet! wheres the autograph?where..s my book? i don..t understand?i have been reading it though. its been a pure blessing to read.i wanted to pass it down to my daughter and grandaughter when she got bigger.please reply sincerely tammy

Karen Champ
South Carolina, US
Hi Cat!
Hope your U.S. trip is successful! I discovered buying your book for gifts has turned out to be really appreciated by my friends! They find it cute and entertaining. Wonder what you are up to next! Thanks for the idea!
Good prowling while in the states!

Christine Cooper
Richmond, Virginia, US
Hello there "The Cat",
Hope you sale a million copies CAT. Have a Purrrrrrfect day!Chrissy

Kimberly Heldt
Longview, Texas, US

Jimina Long
Littlerock, Arkansas, US

Inda Jewel
North Carolina, US
Finally found a cool cat who has a sense of humor. Keep them coming. :)

Pinconning, Michigan, US
I bought your book
And its awsome i cant put it down . cant waiy until this weekend so i can stay in bed and read it.thank you.

Tina Samuels
Glenwood, Arkansas, US
hello again my furry little friend. just wanted you to know im about halfway through this book of yours.i will explain.  not too long after i got the damn thing i started reading it and of course im living and breathing so i lauhed till i hurt. in the meantime i became ill and ended up having a very large surgery on my abd and well lets just say i can identify with the trip to the vet and a few other things thrown in for good measure. im currently convalesing at home and have recently been able to start your book again.

my husband being the greatest guy in the world printed out and brought your book to me in the hospital to read not knowing what it was about nor did he care and at first i was so happy then i started to read and you should know that if you have had abdominal surgery, this book isnt for you at that time. i laughed and then cried .

literally. so now im at home and can read again without pulling mucles. i have to stop from time to time because the laghing will make my sides sore.   the dr. gave me the ok to drive last week and  someone was giving away kittens. now i have never been a cat person.

always dogs which i have two of. schnauzers mimitaure and they are quite rotten but i wanted a cat and continue to want one. my husband of course says no and not in a polite way so just wanted you to know what uproar has been caused at this houshold and my husband and i agree it is all your fault. im loving it but still one must place blame where it belongs. i will let you know when i bring the cat home. im thinking of actually getting a kitten. what do u think since you started all of this? sending you and yours love, tina
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