Getting Out - Excerpts from A Cat's Diary

This excellent picture of me, below, is on the cover of my book and on my new home page, which seems right to me! So welcome to my new website it is wonderful and I am sure you will enjoy it.

P.S. For a limited time you can buy an autographed copy of my book here online, no please form an orderly queue or small children and more importantly Cats may get trampled in the crush.

Over 400, yes four hundred pages of laughter!

Over 400, yes four hundred pages of laughter! 'Getting Out' is the daily diary of a Cat who believes he has been imprisoned wrongly and his various explosive and disastrous attempts to escape, which are occasionally based on two classic films he watched when he was a kitten, 'The Great Escape,' (though sadly he couldn't get his paws on a motorbike) and the 'Colditz Story.'

The Cat is very inventive and although he finds it difficult to escape, he does manage to make his life as easy as possible, borrowing someone else's credit card and surfing the internet is one of his favourite past times, another is trying to guess who is going to do his voice over in the blockbuster animated movie that he knows will be made from his diary after publication?

When he does briefly escape, he is mistaken for the 'Beast' a large black Panther that local legend says escaped from a Zoo some decades ago and takes sheep, though where it takes them, no one seems to know, not even the enormous media circus that turns up unannounced.

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